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Starting point of this point of this blog post is a question asked my lecturer on last Friday. Actually what he meant was the book "Who Will Cry When Die" by Robin Sharma but since that I am trying to answer this question but I find no answer for that. Many of my batch mates were clueless and was staring at the lecturer with a question mark when he asked "Who will cry when you die?"..

Ok.. Fine.. Here is my story.. I am trying to answer this question "Who will Cry When I Die?"

I start from people around me.. I am thinking.. Thinking.. Thinking.. I have tried to make people pleased.. But many of those attempt failed and ended up making me feel like a loser.. In fact I have not made anyone happy.. I have done nothing to the society.. So who is gonna cry when I die?

One aspect to the answer is my parent. Well.. They will obviously cry because I am their only kid.. Apart from that I have no siblings or anyone to be worried about if I die..

Lets go to the next step.. FRIENDS.. Answer is there are no friends who will actually feel the loss of this girl called "Hajara".. I have done nothing to friends.. I have never made them happy.. I actually do not understand them.. So, no one is going to cry..

Next.. The society..I have done nothing to the society.. They actually do not feel whether I am alive or dead.. So the conclusion is there is going to be no impact on the society when I die.. So that nobody is going to cry for me..

I think I need a change.. I need to do something to the society.. The society should remember me at least for few years after my death.. I should seek a way to make a difference.. Seeking begins..!


Hmmm... many of us got the same conclusion.. its good to realize it now it self. Many realize it at the moment of death..

i dont think friends will not cry..they will do..and just one thing u never know what ppl feel about the person called " hajara" so dont make dections u r self :) may be u r some one more important that u see #JustSaying

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