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Well.. Though I am well known as Sasha in virtual world, let me introduce myself to you all.. I am Hajara originally from Galle; the capital city of the Southern Sri Lanka. I find myself too attached to ma hometown but due to educational commitments I am forced to live in the concrete city of Colombo. Mother Southlands which is one of the greatest schools of in Southern province was the place where I got used to playing around with letters and numbers. That was a life time experience and those days laid down foundation of what I am right now. I am greatful to Mother Southlands each and every second of my life for teaching me the reality of the competitive world.

Apart from my hometown and schooling days, I shall talk about my present. Currently I am an Undergraduate of University of Staffordshire and I attend all course work at Business School of APIIT Sri Lanka. And also I am a student of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-UK which is laying down the foundation to achieve the goal of my life..

When it comes to future all what I believe is I need to do something to the community which expects something from me in return for what it has given me. I strongly believe that being in the field of business administration will let me serve the community in a better way than any other field. As my ultimate goal I wish to make a change in the world of finance with mastering the field of Islamic finance which a growing trend in the modern world which has the potential to create a better discipline in the field of Finance...



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