Sasha Writes

Notebook of Flow Less Thoughts..

Once again I let you down..
I let you break
And hit the ground

Dear Heart..
I know the pain is great..
I'm trying to fix it
But i suppose it was my own fate..

Dear Heart,
I learned my lesson
Please forgive me..
I beg you
Please forgive me..

Dear Heart,
I don't blame you
While you were trying to warn me
I did what my mind made me do

Perhaps I was a fool..
I should have listened to you..
I am Sorry that I didn't..
At the end I end up breaking you..

I promise AGAIN..
Never again I will doubt you..
In my choices you'll play the biggest part
My dear heart..
I'm sorry that you are broken..


Very True.. Must listen to the heart always.. And from where did u get this picture.. its damn cool! lOl

I play with mind not with heart.

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