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Notebook of Flow Less Thoughts..

I still can't believe
that six years have passed..
All of us fought
Not for wealth..
Not for power..
But to survive..
To take one more breath..

We WON..
You lost..
You had to leave..
Even without last respect..

I still recall..
That mourning surrounding..
Full of mosquitoes..
Weeping noise all over..
It is still shocking me..
That You all left me and went..

Friends, relations and neighbors..
I can give a huge list..
It is still paining to recall..
The way they had to leave..

Time flies..
Six years have passed..
Memories are left..
Every time I see the sea..
I recall the battle to survive..

[This was written in memory of all my relations, neighbors, friends and everyone who left us on the 26th of December 2004. Time may fly.. But memories never die.. I still remember every second of that battle.. God.. I Pray You.. No more Tsunamis..!]



yea, six years are passing by...i cannot forget this heavy tsunami. in this time i was been at unawatuna beach. it was horrible but i survived. i`m still love sri lanka, especial una...
thanks for posting your emotional poem...
cheers from hamburg, germany
dierck, (my blog)

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