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People fall in love. Some people believe in love at first sight. Some people do not believe in love at first sight. There is no need of a reason to fall in love. It just happens. People fall in love. But most of the time they do fail due to many reasons. The reason could vary from one sided love, mismatch to no reason at all. What I am gonna write today is about the reaction of people when they fail in love.

Typically, there are two types of extreme reactions. One reaction is start hating the person you loved and revenging him/her while other being depression leading to suicide. One's reaction to failure in love can result in any reaction in between those two extreme reactions. Let’s talk about these two extremes.

I have seen people who claim to love a person from the bottom of the heart, then once the love is not accepted they start hating the person and try all possible ways to revenge the person for not falling in love. Why would you want to revenge a person if they don't fall in love? Falling in love is not something that people have control over. It should happen on its own. People can't force themselves to fall in love. So what’s the point in trying to revenge the person whom you loved? Beside all that, if you have truly loved that person you would have never hated that person. If you can hate a person you loved, it is the time you realize that it was not the true love.

Depression leading to suicide.. So you mean you love a person and when you don't get that person you get all sad depressed and sad, then you decide to suicide.? This happens when people start thinking that "If I can't have him/her I should never watch them being happy with someone else". They cry, they scream, they hurt themselves and finally end up killing themselves.

But think..! How can all these things happen if it was "True Love"? True love is something that never changes even if everything else in life changes. People need to build the ability to let/help the person you love be happy with whoever s/he wants even if you are rejected by them. It could be that they didn’t have feelings for you or it could be that they had some other reasons not accept your love. But the spirit of true love requires the sacrifices. If it was true love you would never think twice when you have the option to sacrifice something to keep that loved one happy. You might think sacrificing anything to keep the loved one happy stands for an attempt to act saint. No it is not..! If you really love that person, the happiness of that person should be considered more important than any other thing. This is not being lame and trying to build a fairy love story. But true love is sacrificing. Sacrificing everything for the person you love. Is it possible? Yes it is possible.. [provided that is it “True Love”] =]



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