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Notebook of Flow Less Thoughts..

We had joy.
We had fun..
Every meeting has a farewell..
So My dear friends..
Day by day..
We are moving towards our farewell..
There is a reason to be happy..
But.. More than that..
We have got reasons to cry..
Life has to move on..
So we should let things go..
Another legend has to be witnessed..
Before we leave..
During remaining 11 months..

Yeah.. We should.. N This has to be the best time in our lives..


you are lucky, me has 3 months more than yours

err.. i dnt wanna leave APIIT..

I already Left APIIT..:D

Only 5 months left

I don't know why some people hate APIIT.. I love the place because it teach me lot of things in life.. where my school and my family fail to teach me.. specially about the humans!!specially about the friends and fake friends who just come closer when they need a help!
I learn lot of things in APIIT other than the computing..
Each day teach us a new lesson.. may be we didn't realize it.. but every day every hour add something to our life..

if someone ask me to pick a date where i want to change i will select the date where will leave the APIIT and i will rewind it to 3 years... .
It may be not fun as School days.. Thats how we think.. we never knew that school days are fun until we leave the school... I'm sure most of our friends who hate APIIT will realize that they miss their lifes best time by counting the days to end the APIIT!!
(badTnc - wrote while reading the Design pattern slides)

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