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I just started writing this post just to make myself comfortable by expressing the unexpressed feelings in me. This is all related to one of my friends who never understand that his words really hurt me and even when I express it I become the wrong doer. For god sake I am telling you, I never wanted to lose U. But u according to you I am in the process of forgetting you and U believe I have all tweets just to express the hate in ma mind. My dear friend.. U never realize.. Me having tweet does not mean that I hate you. But itz just one way out to express my suppressed feeling. Anyways..Now according to you I am a person who thinks that U are the wrong doer and you kill ma happiness. My tweets were never intended to mean something like that but you do believe.. Anyways.. Itz up to you to use your brain and decide on what is right and what is wrong.. Just think.. and Decide.. Please do not hurt me with your words.. I will not bear this any more..


Ahem Ahem :D

Now what?

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