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Though this is ma first post I decided to write about something which is not gonna make any sense. Well.. Lets call it a fulfillment of a request.. ;-)

A thing that can make this earth a hell to me is screaming in ma ears. I mean when you read this for the first time it will make no sense but if you are put in to ma situation you will soon realize how screaming can irritate a calm and quite person. When I was at home I was brought up in a peaceful and calm environment where there were no screaming unless I scream at my mom. Once I came to Colombo I realized real meaning of the word screaming and decided to name the City as the City of Screams. When I settled in my current place in Colombo it gave me an opportunity to define this word with a better understanding where I am struggling second by second to avoid noises. As the last resort to end this problem I have decided to use cotton in ma ears so that I will be less distracted by screaming..

One more aspect.. I do not mind kids screaming. But what irritates me is when adults or teenagers scream for no reason may be because of stupid arguments. I hate it.. I hate it..

And best part is my friends used to say that I always scream and so how come I hate others screaming. If u are saying that I scream for no reason when I talk, U all do not know the meaning of the word screaming. If u are are really interested I can take you to my place and show you all what is called screaming. ;-)


Ahem Ahem... :D Thankz for fulfilling the request. And yeah in this city people scream a lot. But to me as a sportsman I love to people screaming at me which encourages me a lot ;) Likewise I think everybody has a reason to like scream and do scream. As well you have some good reasons to hate screaming too ;)

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