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Just thought of sharing some of ma experiences with you as a group member and a group leader. As a preface I am not a person who has an negative attitude towards group working.. In fact I was so attached to group working when I was an Interactor. I had best days in my life and realized how interesting to be in a group and we were able to bear the success and failure as a group.. There was no one to get all credit when something goes well. When something went wrong it was considered as a collective responsibility and at times I have personally tried to take responsibility of certain things but my colleagues did not let me do that. Coming from such a culture with positive attitude towards team working U must be wondering what is it that I am trying to tell now..

With time things have changed.. I have moved to a place where people do not understand how to be flexible.. This so bureaucratic.. We study about being flexible and but it never work when we do group assignments..

May be I was wrong last time and it was one of ma failures. I admit that I misled U all.. But it doeskin mean that I am gonna fail this time too.. And last attempt was da only failure that I had after many successful attempts. I still remember how you reacted when I was a success.. It was like I am the king and you all were lucky to be led by me. But once I fail at a step it is like all my fault..

I have decided now.. I am gonna let you do whatever you want in the way you want.. Then success or failure becomes yours.. NOT mine.. I will tolerate.. I will bear the pain inside me.. I hope I will be a success..


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