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We live in a nation where

-pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance police

-you get car loan @ 5% and education loan @ 12%

-rice is Rs 60/- per kg but sim card is free

-the footwear we wear are sold in AC showrooms but vegetables that we eat are sold on the footpath

-we make lemon juices with artificial flavors and dish wash liquids with real lemon

(Anon, n.d)


nice one.. :)

thanx kazun..

well well well.... lets examine these facts....

well, pizza man may reach fast sometimes coz they ride motorcycles.... and i doubt if pizza man would still make it faster than the ambulance within colombo city (with such traffic)....

car loan @ 5% interest? from which bank? no way......! at HNB, edu loan is just 11% per annum where vehicle loans are 18% per annum ...... totally wrong!

Sim is free coz the vendor makes big money from its usage :P, thats a strategy

You know, footwear are also sold on the pavement,non AC show rooms(most of the time) and they sell vegetables in AC showrooms too :P

Companies use real lemon to make dish wash liquids? nope.. not at all

Now tell me is this the DreamLand nation you are referring to?


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