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Currently I am experiencing a weird experience where I figured out that the exams and getting sick have a relationship.. In ma further analysis I figured out that there is a strong positive core relationship exists..

As a consequence of being sick the student feels sleepy and this can be seen as a symptom which is quite common during examination periods. After my detail analysis I built up a formula which will be useful for all of u..

Exams and Sicknesses are positively related..

As a result of being sick sleeping time too increases.. I.e. Sleeping time and being sick is also positively interrelated. (Sickness=Sleep)

Conclusion is exams and sleeping time are positively interrelated.. ;-)

(More u have exams more the time you sleep)


hehe drink much water

hey nice posts, my first visit here
good luck :)

he he.. i have fever.. not laziness.. so water wont help..
nyways.. during assignment tyms ur tactic wrks reli well..

Water is the fuel for the brain to work.. like petrol for a car.. u need to fuel ur brain too.... the brain gets tired when u work (assuming you study alot) and then goto sleep mode...

Hint : McLeran finishes an entire petrol tank in 15min when its at its full speed.

hm.. but now I dnt feel sleepy when I can sleep very well..

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